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Joseph Goh



About Me

Joseph is an international award-winning photographer who specialises in Architectural and Interior Photography. As an Associate of The Master Photographers Association (UK) and The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, he has achieved various accolades from The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Photography Awards (US), FEP European Professional Photographer Awards and he has crowned the Hasselblad Masters in 2014 & winner of Best Of Nation in the World Photographic Cup 2020.


Since 2009, he has clinched numerous awards in international photography competitions. Driven by the urge to make his mark, he’s spent the time since then acquiring the skills he needs to run his business and entering numerous international competitions, a success which has helped him to acquire an international reputation. He has also taken part in many exhibitions, and his work has been widely published in magazines all around the world. He is also a regular guest for photography talks, workshops, and judging in photography competitions in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom.

My Courses

This instructor has no Courses .