Terms and Conditions for Equipment Rental:

  1. All Rentals have to be collected from the Fujifilm Studio. You are required to bring the documentation as follows:

  2. It is mandatory to upload a Proof of Residency document that should be a mailer bill such as utility bills, telco bills, or bank/credit card statements. The document should be from the last 3 months and must be uploaded in the Contact Information section of the Fujifilm Academy.
  3. It is required for workpass holders to upload an official letter that contains their name and residential address. Identification cards are not acceptable.

  4. This service is unavailable to tourists and other non-Singapore residents.

  5. To authenticate your identity, you must present your physical or digital ID card with matching records to the uploaded evidence of residency before borrowing. Workpass holders must also present their ID for scanning for verification.

  6. Each person may loan up to 1 camera or 2 lenses at any one time.

  7. A maximum of 2 loans per camera and lens model for 1 ID card.

  8. The maximum loan period is 7 days.

  9. You are required to place a CASH deposit upon collecting your order. When you return the equipment, you'll get your deposit back. Deposit will be deducted according to the standard charges should you return late, item lost, or the product is damaged.

  10. You may pick up the equipment after 1pm (ONE day) prior to the rental date, and you must return it before 1pm the next following day after the rental period.

  11. All equipment must be taken and returned with its original packing and contents. If any parts are discovered to be missing, damaged, or replaced by a third-party accessory, a fee will be assessed and be deducted from your deposit.

  12. All equipment loans are to be done via the Fujifilm Academy website, we will not accept any walk-in request.

Cash deposit are so follows:

X Series Camera $300
X Series Lenses $300
XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR $800
GFX Camera $3000
GFX Lenses $3000


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